The Tax Man Cometh! The Power of Planning in a Real Estate Career

Session Description:
Real estate brokerage can be one of the most rewarding professions in the United States. But many real estate licensees find out far too late in their careers the best strategies for tracking expenses and income. Don't wait until you have created a new best friend at the IRS. Get started with useful tools and pull back the veil of confusion to empower yourself today! 

Speaker: Travis Everette, DREI


Business strategist and educator Travis Everette, DREI, is actively involved at almost every conceivable level in the real estate field. Having founded a thriving real estate brokerage of over 120 agents as well as a highly successful real estate school, his experience in the field and his dynamic mentoring skills is the centerpiece of his presentation style. Awarded many times over for sales and office growth, named the North Carolina Real Estate Educator of the Year, and supported by legions of professionals who seek his guidance, Travis will deliver courses that pack a punch.

Travis’ philosophy is quite simple: help students break past barriers through inspired defiance. He provides relatable content with a memorable energy and insightful observations on real life solutions to everyday challenges. Students should be prepared to laugh, learn and love their business as they leave with actionable strategic tools. Travis will focus his boundless energy on the intent of helping attendees get out of their own way of achieving success. 

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